ECVET – supports lifelong learning

ECVET will facilitate the mobility of individuals across borders and support lifelong learning by facilitating the transfer, compilation and recognition of studies.

ECVET (European Accumulation and Transfer Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) is a system for transfer of qualifications within Vocational Education and Training.

Kungsbacka municipality, the administration for Upper Secondary and Adult Education, has been a lead partner and has coordinated a number of European funded development projects to elaborate on and utilize ECVET in practice in vocational training, within the scope of the European class concept and partnership. These projects have all gained a lot of attention both nationally and in Europe and were awarded the ‘European success story’ title by the European Commission in 2015. 

The European Class concept provides vocational students the opportunity to do some part of their vocational education and training abroad, at one of the partner schools.

The development of the European Class concept continues and the aim is to provide a European class opportunity to vocational students in all vocational programs in upper secondary education, in all schools run by the Kungsbacka municipality.


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